Jeff Hortillosa  


Jeff “Horti” Hortillosa embodies an intriguing study in contrasts. The guitarist/singer/songwriter is raised by immigrant parents, yet he has gone onto to be a trailblazer in the modern Americana scene. He’s an academically-accredited intellectual, but he enjoys playful irreverence in his music. He’s best known for playing a wild strain of bluegrass with the Austin-based, award-winning band Whiskey Shivers, yet his solo releases are decidedly non-bluegrass centric.

Jeff’s solo music is best described by his unique “Horticulture” sensibility, and Horticulture is cultivated from bizarre jazz chords, passages of pastoral folk, raunchy roots-rock, buck-toothed Southern funk, and even strains of World music. His lyric writing brims with barbed wit, poetic flair, intriguing character development, an impressionistic narrative touch, and clever storytelling.