Aaron BeckumĀ 


Raised by wolves in the yukon, i made it out alive by laying low, if you know what i mean. i soon realized my true form was not that of a lupine mammal. So I turned down the call of the wild and left without saying goodbye.
i joined the merchant marine at halifax and was off to see the world. tired of life at sea, i decided to jump ship at the infamous Tierra Del Fuego on the southernmost tip of south america.
once in port i quickly buried my share of the merchant profits somewhere in the dark mountains of cortez. 127 spanish dubloons along with fifty-five saphire rubies from the treasure troves of king tut.

soon after that, in argentina, i joined the escalating revolutionary war and accidentally found my life’s career: undersea microbiological physics.
from that point on i have led a simple and happy life travelling from city to city lecturing and sometimes finding time for my utlimate passion: communist spear fishing. i also play music and make films.